Laptop hard drive woes!

Every now and then when I run a lot of programs, or maybe just Firefox with a lot of tabs, and then leave my laptop for a long time, when I come back to it it takes a while to get going again. I generally figure it’s because it has to swap things back into memory from disk. Every now and then, though, it takes what seems like forever and I sometimes give up and just reboot the laptop because that can be quicker. This past Sunday morning I went through that and finally rebooted my MacBook. I then went upstairs to finish getting dressed. When I came back down about 5-10 minutes later I was surprised to see that my laptop was continuously rebooting! Not having any time to deal with it, I shut it down and left it off for the day. Later that evening, I booted the MacBook in verbose mode (hold down Cmd+V when booting) and discovered that there was an “I/O error” on my hard drive! I booted up using an install disk and tried to run Disk Utility on it. That completely failed so realizing the drive was probably toast I went ahead and ordered a new drive. Since the drive wouldn’t be here until Thursday (today), though, I borrowed a DiskWarrior CD from a friend and applied it towards trying to reconstruct the disk (since I’d heard that DW was about the best there is for reconstructing Mac disks). Well, as of this morning, DiskWarrior is still going. I realize it’s a 500GB drive, but really, 4 days and the last 3.5 of them it’s been on what appears to be the very last step.

Anyway, the new drive arrives today. If DiskWarrior isn’t done by tonight I’ll stop it and consider the drive a lost cause. I have a Time Machine backup but unfortunately I had not plugged in my TM drive in about 3-4 weeks, so I’m sure there’s things I’ve lost. Oh well, I’ll know better next time (hopefully)!

After I get this fixed I really need to take the laptop into Apple to get the top casing replaced as it’s cracking on the sides. jklGoDuke just took her computer in this past Tuesday and got both her top case replaced and her battery (which was apparently bulging and had damaged the trackpad!). Then, finally, in what is hopefully the last computer thing that needs to be repaired in a while, I need to take my iPhone in and have Apple look at it since my mic doesn’t seem to be working. Right now I have to use the headphones microphone in order to have a phone conversation. Ah well, such is the life when one has lots of electronic gadgets, eh?