Mikado 2010

In case anyone was wondering what I was doing this past weekend, this was it! I had a wonderful weekend playing in the pit orchestra for the Durham Savoyards production of Mikado and am very much looking forward to next year’s production of Princess Ida.

This video gives a fairly good overview of most of the production, except that for some reason it doesn’t show any shots of the orchestra! 🙂

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Mikado Rehearsal

This is a video from last night’s Mikado rehearsal at the Carolina Theater in Durham. The Durham Savoyards will be performing this show this weekend starting tomorrow (Thursday) night! I will be in the pit playing string bass and my wife Janell is in the stage chorus. I really like this clip since Janell is the person front and center at the beginning of the clip and it does a very good job of showing what she looks like with all her makeup, wig and costume (which is peach with teal trim).

So, if you’re in Durham, NC this weekend, please come see our show!

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STS-125 Hubble 3D Movie

I’ve often wondered just whether some movies that come out in IMAX format are worth paying extra for IMAX. This movie, however, is definitely on my list of movies I want to see in IMAX. When the astronauts of STS-125 recently went up and repaired the Hubble Space Telescope they took with them an IMAX 3D camera. This movie shows what they did and the view should be breathtaking! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it!

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My wife on (Internet) TV

They misspelled my wife’s name (there’s no “e” on the end), but otherwise this is pretty cool! My wife Janell has been volunteering recently as a docent at Duke Chapel giving tours and one day recently after she had given a tour a camera crew showed up! They were making a video for Raycom Sports to show before the Duke vs MD basketball game. She took them all through Duke Chapel and even got permission to take them to the top of the Duke Chapel tower! Anyway, here’s the video.

(And here’s a direct link in case the embedded video doesn’t show up: ACC Road Trip Video: Duke vs MD part 1.)

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