New Focuser Installed

The new focuser for my telescope showed up yesterday so I spent yesterday evening making the modifications to the optical tube assembly to allow the new focuser to work correctly. The telescope isn’t done yet, but after installing the focuser I reinstalled the spider/secondary mirror and the primary mirror. The sky was clouded over last night so I had to wait until tonight to try it out but I managed to get some really good views of the surface of the moon with what I’ve got right now! Even with the mirror coating not as good as it could be the surface of the moon was bright, clear, and big!

To see pictures of me fitting the new focuser and cutting the OTA to get it to fit, start at this picture and follow it for the next 12 pictures.

So, what’s left to be done now is I need to get a finderscope, paint the tube, find a screw to help hold the telescope axis steady, clean everything, and check to see if the clock drive works correctly (it rotates the tube, but I’m not sure how accurately). So, still lots to do, but I’m encouraged so far!