Mountain Biking

My older GPS receiver, a Garmin GPSMap 60C, has had a problem the last couple of years in that it’s almost impossible to turn on. For a while I could sometimes get it to turn on by random pressing of the power button but a lot of the time it just wouldn’t turn on and over the last 9 months or so it just wouldn’t turn on. So, in May I cashed in an REI dividend and got a new Garmin Oregon 450. I had been considering trying to save for a Garmin Edge (a GPS receiver designed to be a bike computer) but after some investigation I decided that the Oregon would be better since I could use it as a bike computer and I could also use it in the car or out geocaching.

And, not too long after I got the GPS receiver, I’ve been able to find more time to go out mountain biking. My first trip out with the GPSr on my bike was at the trails right next to work:

A bit later, I managed to get the entire family out to investigate a new “gateway trail” at a small park in Durham (Solite Park):

Then, this past weekend I managed to get 9 people, several of whom had never ridden singletrack, to come out to Harris Lake for a short ride:

Finally, we had a somewhat smaller group head out and bike at Lake Crabtree County Park last night:

All my recent rides have been fairly short but I’m having a lot of fun getting out on the bike more and getting more people into mountain biking. So, we’ll see how things go. Hopefully I’ll have some more rides to post soon.